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Ben Goldacre’s Keynote at ResearchED 2013

In Part 1 Ben talks briefly about what can be achieved in a decade or two; a generation or three: how teachers and researchers can network to find out what works and to do it.

He explains it doesn’t come naturally to build such structures and systems and that it requires an information architecture to facilitate evidence based practice.

He outlines the basic system and how the network might work based on similar models in other professional associations – notably medicine.

In Part 2 Ben outlines the dangers of teachers trying to do their own independent research. He explains the ways in which a research network can support teachers working in tandem with researchers.

He talks through concrete examples of RCTs (Randomised Control Trials) including the work done by the Education Endowment Foundation and gives an example of one interesting case.

He goes on to suggest further ways this could be developed and the barriers, social and cultural, at this time, that may stand in the way.

He ends with an inspirational rallying call for teachers to get busy on working out what works.