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researchED Phase 2: researchED Midlands

Good day.

We’re delighted to announce that the first of what is hoped to be many regional researchED conferences commences on 5th April at the John Henry Newman Catholic College, Birmingham. Sleeker and more streamlined than the September conference (i.e. smaller), the plan is to host several of these around the country in a – if you will – roadshow of research.

The line up already looks extraordinary:

  • Dr Matt O’Leary from the University of Wolverhampton, the Centre of Research and Development of lifelong Education (CRADLE)
  • Representation from the National College of Teaching and Leadership
  • The Education Endowment Fund
  • Louise Stubberfield of the Wellcome Trust
  • Daisy Christodoulou, Head of Research with ARK Academies
  • Sam Freedman, Director of Research with Teach First
  • David Weston, Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust
  • Sarah Kitchen of NatCen Social Research
  • Kris Boulton and Katie Ashford of Teach First
  • Richard Churches of CfBT
  • Michael Slavinsky of the Brilliant Club
  • Pete Yeomans
  • Tami McCrone, Research Director (Impact), NFER
  • Joe Hallgarten, RSA
  • and probably someone called Tom Bennett

As with the last conference, the emphasis will always be, “What’s the best of what we know works in classrooms?” and related questions. With representation from teachers, researchers, and intermediary bodies, we hope to bring together as many circles of influence as possible with an ultimate goal of raising standards in education, driving high quality research, and putting teachers and researchers in each others’ paths.

The response so far from the various communities has been edifying, and a huge number of people have volunteered to give their time to make this work. If you still want to contribute, or assist in some way, do let us know and we’ll see what we can do. It’s been an honour to be part of something that is such a grass roots movement, and frankly, the best CPD I’ve ever had, even including the ones that used sugar paper.

Tickets will go on sale this weekend on the Eventbrite website; costs will be as low as possible, and only ever just high enough to make the event possible. Follow us on Twitter for the announcement. There will be a much more limited number of tickets this time around to reflect the smaller conference, so do book early to avoid disappointment and the inevitable shame of facing your partners and telling them sadly that, “You didn’t get a ticket”. We cannot be held responsible for the domestic conflicts that could ensue.

I hope to see you there,

Tom Bennett

ResearchED 2014

Ben Goldacre’s Keynote at ResearchED 2013

In Part 1 Ben talks briefly about what can be achieved in a decade or two; a generation or three: how teachers and researchers can network to find out what works and to do it.

He explains it doesn’t come naturally to build such structures and systems and that it requires an information architecture to facilitate evidence based practice.

He outlines the basic system and how the network might work based on similar models in other professional associations – notably medicine.

In Part 2 Ben outlines the dangers of teachers trying to do their own independent research. He explains the ways in which a research network can support teachers working in tandem with researchers.

He talks through concrete examples of RCTs (Randomised Control Trials) including the work done by the Education Endowment Foundation and gives an example of one interesting case.

He goes on to suggest further ways this could be developed and the barriers, social and cultural, at this time, that may stand in the way.

He ends with an inspirational rallying call for teachers to get busy on working out what works.

ResearchED 2013: a Reading List

Lots of you have been blogging about researchED 2013. Here are the posts that we’ve managed to track down; if your post is missing, drop me a tweet.

Some of the speakers have also put their notes online:

If I’ve missed anyone off the list, or got your name wrong, then please let me know.

researchED 2013


The ResearchED 2013 programme is now available.


researchED 2013 is a national conference for teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in evidence-based education. How can evidence best be used to inform the way we teach? What does and doesn’t work? What do we mean by good evidence, and how do we recognise it? What type of research is meaningful, and what are the boundaries – if any – to the enquiry?

Where and When?

researchED 2013 will be held at Dulwich College in London on Saturday 7th September 2013.