About the Organisers

Tom Bennett – Director of researchED 2013

bennettTom Bennett is a teacher in East London. He writes for the Times Educational Supplement, runs the TES Behaviour Forum, and trains and advises teachers across the UK. In 2011 he was a Teacher-Fellow of Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge. He has written four books on teacher training and behaviour; his latest, Teacher Proof, discusses the dangers of bad science informing the way we educate children, and the damage this has caused. researchED 2013 is his latest project, which he is currently fitting in around marking books and preparing kids for jobs that apparently don’t exist yet. He lives in Wanstead, where he’s thinking about getting a dog.

Jarek Bryk


Jarek Bryk is a molecular biologist at the University of Reading, currently developing experimental resources to teach synthetic biology to undergraduates. Both are rather new to him and he can’t quite decide whether it’s the teaching or the synthetic biology that scares him most.

Leon Cych

Helene Galdin-O’Shea

gosheaHelene Galdin-O’Shea (@hgaldinoshea) is an English and Media teacher, part of the CPD team at her school, admin member of pedagoo.org and organiser of the #PedagooLondon TeachMeet. She blogs at Monkey Learns.

Alby Reid

reid-2Alby does all the computery stuff. If you’ve interacted with researchED 2013 outside of Twitter then it was probably something to do with him. He’s sorry about that.

He spends most of his time writing about himself in the third person and blogs at MrReid.org.

Alex Weatherall

weatherallAlex is a Science teacher based in Yorkshire. He runs the scienceteachinglibrary blog and also helps run Science Teaching Journal Club (#SciTeachJC). He got involved with researchED via Ben Goldacre, after he ran a #SciTeachJC session on RCTs in Education. Ben suggested, in the week of the release of his Research in Education paper that we get the grassroots ball rolling and he jumped aboard the bandwagon. As far as he’s aware Tom is doing all the hard work and he just copies and pastes things into WordPress as and when he’s asked to.

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