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May 2013 update

It’s been a few weeks since our last mail out, but a lot has been happening. We’ve been in discussion with all of our speakers, who are putting together their conference speeches and workshops ready for September 7th. Speakers like Chris Husbands and Doctor Rebecca Allen, from the Institute of Education; Professor Robert Coe from the University of Durham, or Mary Whitehouse, from the University of York; Dr Carol Davenport of the NSLC; Associate Professor Carol Evans of Exeter University; Laura McInerney, Fulbright scholar at the University of Missouri; Daniel T Willingham, Professor of Psychology at Virginia University, amongst many.

From the teaching community we have Tom Sherrington, John Tomsett, and someone called Tom Bennett. We’ve got prominent bloggers, Teach Firsters and Chalk Face veterans like Joe Kirby, Ollie Orange and Stephen Lockyer, to name a few.

From the charity sector, bridging the gaps between school and research, we have Dr Kevan Collins from the Education Endowment Fund, David Weston, Director of the Teacher Development Trust, and Sam Freedman, Director of Research at Teach First, and also- until recently- Michael Gove’s advisor.

And from the broader world of research and education we have Ben Goldacre, scourge of Bad Science; Amanda Spielman, Chair of Ofqual and many more. For a full description of our speakers and contributors, visit the researchED website (see below). There may even be a couple of late additions to the roster, so watch this space…

In addition to this, we’re running a few extra events on the day that should be interesting:

  • A school research room, where school staff will display and discuss projects they’re running in their own institutions
  • Workshops on running research in schools
  • Research projects conducted specifically for researchED 2013
  • Discussion panels where you can shape the debate
  • Book desks where contributors’ books will be on sale

We’ve been back to the venue, Dulwich College, to scout out the best rooms and facilities for the day. The College is a fantastic place to hold this event, and we’re indebted to Dulwich for the support they’ve offered to researched 2013. There will be catering and coffee throughout the day, as well as- compliments of Sage publications- free tea and coffee on arrival. Lunch will be served in the canteen area for most of the day. There’s loads of break-out space, places to relax, meet and network.

We’re in the process of arranging a robust wireless network for the day, as no doubt many of us will be busy putting the world to rights on the internet throughout the day. Please feel free to blog, tweet or share to your heart’s content before, during and after the conference. The venue even has desk terminals if you prefer something less mobile.

Best of all, tickets finally went on sale via Eventbrite. Staggeringly, within 2 days, 40% of all tickets had been sold, which caught us completely by surprise. You can buy tickets here and reserve your place. We might be able to save some tickets for last minute bookings over summer, but at the moment it looks like first come, first served- so book now to avoid disappointment.

Right now we’re putting the program together, designing banners and posters, planning the logistics of the day itself and looking at where to advertise. If anyone wants to advertise in our program or other material, do get in touch with us. We’re grateful, as ever, to our major sponsors, the TES for support, advice and guidance through the whole process.

It’s been a tremendous experience to put this together; the support and good will has been amazing. If this is anything to go by, researchED 2013 looks likely to be a fantastic day.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes


Director, researchED 2013